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This week TwistedFaith of the Design Team is answering some of your questions. Other iPBFree members will be answering  these questions in coming weeks.

Where are you from? My home town is Holland Mi, But now..it depends on the day.
How did you get involved with iPBFree? I was looking for a free forum host like most of you guys!
Describe yourself in one word. Different.
Why iPBFree? Just another home I fell in love with. And I wouldn’t give it up for anything, I love the staff here.
Favorite Hobby? Biking, skating, and just being in the sun.
Favourite/Least favourite movies? Not much into movies, but grandma’s boy is by far my favourite.
Why do you use these forums? It’s my get away:)
Are you good with graphics? Depends what you like?
Do you like pancakes? Well duh.
Are you happy with your birth name? Yes, I am, though sometimes I wish I only had one middle name:P
And what websites do you visit apart from running iPBFree? Facebook, 711clan.net.
What’s your favourite part of iPBFree? <3 the Staff. And of course the toaster in the staff room.

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