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At iPBFree we’re very fortunate to have a great community of people who submit excellent skins, mods, graphics and more for other iPBFree users to customise their boards. Occasionally, some of these people really excel themselves and submit several great-quality resources in one go. Normally this would be where I list the latest items to be added to our resource database and the people who submit them, but this week all the new skins were created by Milkman… and there are lots. So it seems only fair to showcase them all, which means this week is a Milkman edition of this post.

You’ll need to be registered at our community forums to view these resources. Registration only takes a minute or two, is free, and you’ll have access to hundreds more resources for your board as well as official support. If you’re not registered, click here to get started.

Enormous thanks go to Milkman for submitting these.

Also added this week is a pop on register or log in modification by Tenacity (which I’ll include in the next proper post for fairness).

On another note, thanks to everyone who’s following us on Twitter and Facebook - it’s a good idea to follow us there because if we’re carrying out maintenance that means access to the community forums or blog may be interrupted, we’ll let you know what’s going on via Twitter.

If you’re a Firefox user, you might like to try the iPBFree Persona by Connor.

And that’s it for now; thanks to everyone who’s been submitting stuff for the past couple of weeks and thanks especially to those whose work is featured in this post. Remember that to be added to the database, resources need to be approved by the community.
Have a good week!

- Tom :)

One Response to “Database additions #4 - Milkman edition”

    Whoa… @[email protected] Those skins are pretty nice! I kind of want to switch to Sleek or equinix right now, but I just changed to Koniji’s recently. T_T *hopes Koniji doesn’t see this… @[email protected];;* Thank you so much for your hard work, Milkman!! :D I will definitely use one of these next! <3

    P.S. Thank you for the screenshots of the skins too, btw! I really appreciate them because I probably wouldn't have checked the skins out otherwise because I'm lazy. XD;;

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