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Latest News
Renevations Soon
Posted By: Person @ Dec 6 2009, 08:32 PM
It's been almost a month since I said I'd make some major changes around here. Due to some events I'd never expect to happen to me, I haven't been able to do so. Life and some unexpected delays.

So, at this moment I'm planning several red/black and white/sky blue skins. Just to have that unique look to Invision Zone [soon to be KDesigns]

Now, services in KDesigns will still be iPBFree related. I think we'll keep support n stuff. But those will be packed into smaller sub-forums later down the road. We'll become an art gallery and resource forum. Social forums as well for the rest of the people.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. :)
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Important News
Posted By: Person @ Oct 23 2009, 04:30 AM

What's up

I'm aware I haven't posted anything for the longest time now. But I've been extremely busy with life, friend, my girlfriend and school. But I'm planning on making a comeback.

In the last few updates I claimed that there would be some major changes to the forum. And I was right. Soon, I'll be switching this forum to almost purely a GFX/Forum Resource/Community forum. The name will be changed from boring Invision Zone and will soon be KDesigns. New skin and stuff. :)

Over n Out
Sorry to be so short with this update. But I have laundry and things I need to do. So, post questions and comments and I'll reply ASAP! :)

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Posted By: Person @ Sep 27 2009, 01:37 AM
Invision Zone [atm] =

Yeah. So, there is no activity at all. I noticed. School started and statistics say, there is less web activity during school.

But, just to let you know, Invision Zone will not die out. I have my plans for it. I won't be doing anything with the forum for a good month or so.

So, if you're staff or just a guest, be sure to stay and keep an eye on the forums. That's all I'll say.

:) Have fun!
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September Newsletter
Posted By: Person @ Sep 7 2009, 06:23 AM

Hay there! If you're reading this this means you have a computer! Anyway! I really hope you noticed a few changes to the forum!

Support and Resources

After writing down the layout for it many, many times, I merged and re-created our support and resources categories. I know it's a bit confusing. But you'll get used to it soon. It saves TONS of room and looks better.

Shifting Gears

So, for as long as IZ has been around [and it's many duplicates], it's been solely support/resources with a bit of advertising. Now, we are adding something new. We are also a community forum! I've been thinking and I don't want this to be the forum that people come to and leave once they register. Though I can live with that. I'd like some people to stay. And to make this happen, I've added more to the Invision Lounge. So, have fun! And if you have any ideas for the lounge, post them here. It's likely that I use whatever you suggest.

What's Been Lost

Not much has been lost. But the member database isn't very specific. And I do have to work on the staff permissions over the next day or two.
The support forums are less specific. But that's just to save some room. They still cover basic scenarios.

What to Expect

Well, I'm currently working on a new skin. Though it will be released to the public, it will be our new default. It's not going to be very fancy. But it will be very professional. Exactly what a support forum should look like. But with that extra flare that gives it a good community atmosphere.

My Activity

I'm sorry that I haven't been active. I started my junior year a few weeks ago. And now that I'm settled in I should be a bit more active. There are only 2 classes I can possibly have homework. [excluding guitar...duh] I'm taking a Flash class too. So I'll be posting things every now-and-then.

Also...I'm taking a Desktop Publishing class featuring Adobe InDesigne for the first 2 quarters and Photoshop in the last 2 quarters...I took it for fun. But now it stinks. I'm teaching the teacher how to use a program I've never touched [ID] and I know I'll be a student/teacher for the Photoshop half of the year...>___> So let this be a lesson. Don't take classes if you've already been doing w/e it is for 5 years....xD

Forum of the Month

I'd like to introduce to you our September forum! Septembers FotM is Plasma Source! Founded by our very own Brandon2KO (featured in our previous interview)!

Plasma Source is a great Support/Resources forum and just as IZ, they do advertising and host community forums! They have some pretty cool skins and scored a 4 Star Review previously! So be sure to check out the forum and maybe even register! It's a friendly place!

And We've Penetrated the Atmosphere

With that note, I'm out! I hope you enjoy the new updates and that you had a good time reading what I've typed up for you! :) Enjoy your week and expect some more news this next week! :]
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